Nourishing Nature, Enhancing Beauty

Health products play a crucial role in maintaining joint flexibility and vitality for people of all ages, from athletes to seniors. With advanced formulations, they offer comprehensive support beyond just managing discomfort.

Empowering Your Natural Glow

In today's market, health products are indispensable for joint health, catering to diverse needs from athletes to seniors. With innovative ingredients, they ensure flexibility and quality of life, addressing more than just discomfort.


Our Business

In our pursuit of the finest products and ingredients, we are exceptionally discerning in selecting suppliers and manufacturers. We specifically seek out those driven by unwavering passion, as they are the ones who ensure the authenticity of their products without compromising on quality. At 3i Integrity Ingredients, our dedication has always been focused on quality, prioritizing being the best over being the biggest.

Operating in close collaboration with our customers, we take immense pride in consistently exceeding their expectations. This achievement is driven by the commitment and integrity of our team members, who place a high value on cultivating successful partnerships and friendships. At 3i, we are wholeheartedly devoted to providing our customers with friendly and flawless service at all times.


Emu Oil

Historically used by the aborigines, emu oil is produced from the fat of an emu, a massive Australian bird. It can be applied in its pure form or added to other products, such as face and body creams. Today, it is known worldwide as an exceptional natural moisturizer. Its effectiveness is attributed to the presence of omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, fatty acids that are beneficial for the body and the skin.